Marin Bikes TrailBuddy App

Marin Bikes TrailBuddy App

Branching out to a new market

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Northern California-based Marin Bikes wanted to increase its sales by introducing outdoor enthusiasts to mountain biking with the help of a mobile app.


The solution

TrailBuddy - a mobile app appealing to outdoor lovers while introducing them to the sport.

Our research showed that many outdoor lovers would like to try mountain biking, but were either concerned about the dangers from riding on steep trails or didn't know where to go or rent equipment. 

The idea was to allay users' concerns by (1) including trail information for a variety of activities (hiking, biking, etc.) and rating each activity in terms of difficulty for that trail (2) links to where the user could rent or purchase equipment, highlighting the client's brand and logo, and (3) user reviews with photos, star ratings and descriptions. The app would integrate with Google Maps to provide GPS in order to locate the closest trails, provide driving directions and navigate each trail, and with a weather-related API to report conditions at each stage of elevation.

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And wireframes:

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