INTL FCStone Inc.  Data Collection Tool

INTL FCStone Inc. Data Collection Tool

Reporting made easy – who knew?

I designed the Incident Log, a risk data collection tool for INTL FCStone, a financial services firm based in New York.

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The Incident Log, a data reporting application, was developed at the request of senior management and the company’s Board of Directors.  The goal was for management to be aware of significant operational incidents (aka “loss events”) that could impact the company’s sustainability.

The idea was to provide timely data used for analysis and management reporting.  Because the data collection required participation from employees throughout the company, it was essential to make the front-end component be as user-friendly as possible.

Considering resource restraints and the relative small size of the company, we developed the tool using Microsoft Sharepoint.


I was the team lead, working with company’s development team, as well as a colleague in the company’s London office who carried out the research and user testing in the company’s London, Dubai and Singapore offices.

I had a chance to wear many hats – information architect, interaction designer, usability tester,  as well as project manager and diplomat.  There was a lot of consideration around heuristics and user-centric design.  Key considerations were functionality, report generation and security access.  Because the data collection required participation across the company, I hosted a series of webinars and in-person training to raise awareness.


Working together, the team and I were able to deliver a product that produced the following:

  • Real-time – automatic alerts to management,
  • Weekly summary and analysis reports
  • Quarterly summaries to the company’s Board of Directors.

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