Growing Small: from desktop to mobile

Growing Small: from desktop to mobile

Growing Small: from desktop to mobile

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-12-39-59-pmGoing from desktop to mobile is a common challenge. Even more so when dealing with multiple data sources.

Responding to market demands, a mutual fund company wanted to create a mobile presence for its customers.

The issue 

Product details, sorting features and fund performance data appeared manner that was neither intuitive nor easy to view on a smaller screen.

The challenge

Organizing data from multiple sources into a "smooth" experience on a mobile device.  

The solution

An interface designed with interactive features, prominent calls to action and overall vibrant appearance.

  • First, prioritizing features customers deemed most important, and designed into a daily "snapshot" view  - price, performance and Morningstar rating. Users would also be able to view more detailed information through an effective call to action.
  • Second was to determine a taxonomy to sort other features by product, sub categories, snapshot by monthly or annual returns. And what users deemed "supplementary" information such as research or market reports, which were featured in a slide-out menu.
  • We also used action-oriented words, to engage users based on their needs. For example, "Invest" or "Retire" instead of "Retirement" or "Investments", with the added bonus of saving space on a smaller screen.

The result was creating a way for users to easily obtain the information they needed as well as what they wanted. Please see the attached wireframes for illustrations of these features, as well as "before and after" images.

Download (PDF, 353KB)