Hewlett Packard: The Search for Quality

Hewlett Packard: The Search for Quality

Assuring a Quality Product

Hewlett-Packard was developing a product under a tight deadline.  The engineers had little comfort around quality assurance testing.

Nil. And therein lay the issue.  So I asked the following:


The engineers needed to determine potential defects by evaluating results of quality assurance (QA) testing.

Yes, and...but why?  

Information received from QA was unreliable. The data were untimely, didn’t include all of the points the engineers needed and sometimes contained errors.

...and why was that? 

An inefficient QA process – testing results recorded multiple times, manual recordkeeping, high turnover.

The Proposal

Overhaul the entire QA process, provide results in real-time.

The solution:  Project Edison

As an information architect, I worked with an Agile team of developers and visual designers to produce two user-facing applications:

  • Desktop App: for testers to record QA test results
  • Web Site: for engineers to review data in a usable format

The result

  • Minimal manual input
  • Faster testing performed
  • Data/results transmitted to engineers in real-time, in a usable format

Download the following to learn more

Download (PDF, 757KB)

Sample wireframes:

Download (PDF, 450KB)